Through our experience in the international market and a strong diverse professional network, Allied Group can assist non-resident clients with their finance and property needs. We aim to create wealth for all our investors through our select property projects. The various areas listed below detail how Allied Group can assist our clients.

Finance Solutions

  • Non Resident loans to 60-80% LVR
  • Multi-Currency loans
  • Industrial Development Loans
  • Funds Management

Australasia Investment

Our professional property agent network and alliance partners will source the suitable property that meets your needs of international investors.

Listed are examples of various investment options;


  • House/Townhouse
  • Apartments
  • Land


  • Warehouses, factory, retail and more
  • Development of land subdivision
  • Development of multi-storey commercial or residential

Development Planning

Our professional network team and alliance partners are available to our clients to support with the development and planning of their investment. They include:

  • Legal Property Firms
  • Property Consultants
  • Project Management
  • Architects
  • ASIC registered mortgage funds management.
  • Registered Builders
  • Development Planning

Sales Network

Our professional network of property agents in Australia and Asia are there to assist our clients through their professional and sound advice.

Allied Group has developed successful alliances with international partners in property and finance investment.

Our alliance partners in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong have a sound knowledge of the Australian property and finance market and have many years’ experience with the Australian developments.

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Our property agent network in Australia and Asia is there to assist our clients to create wealth through professional and sound advice. 

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